Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The City Of Ember

By Jeanne DuPrau

Main Characters: Lina Mayfleet, Doon Harrow, Poppy Mayfleet, Granny Mayfleet, the Mayor, Doon’s Dad, and Lina’s guardian.

For 200 years the City of Ember has been thriving until one dreadful day all their supplies to survive start going low and black outs happen more often than they should (according to the people) and scares them all.

Doon Harrow wants to be election’s helper but instead he got the job to work in pipeworks. He is determined to figure out what is wrong with the proud city’s Generator; the heart of the city. His friend Lina Mayfleet is a messenger; care free until she comes home one day and sees her Granny tearing the couch looking for something important. She finds Poppy sitting next to an old worn silver box. She doesn’t bother with it until curiosity gets the best of her.

She finds that the instructions with in the box are not clear so she takes to Doon because it says Pipeworks on them. Together they follow the instructions of the Builders as best as then can to find a way out.

Will they ever get out in time? What will happen to the people?Link

Rated G

Thursday, December 15, 2011


By Elizabeth Mueller

*review written by YA Book Babes

Winter Sky believes she is everything ordinary . . . until she is kissed by Alex Stormhold. As seer of Stormhold Coven, Alex is sworn to be Winter’s protector against the darkness that hunts her. Violently thrust into a magical realm she always thought impossible, she stumbles upon a disturbing secret of her own.

Darkspell doesn't fit into a typical YA genre box. As a matter of fact, it's one of the most original books I've read this year. A richly woven drama unfolds as young Winter Sky meets two handsome and mysterious neighbors, both fighting for her affection. But one boy, the boy of her dreams--literally-- has already won her heart. But in short order her life is turned upside down as she enters the Stormhold world, a coven of powerful magic users (I'm hesitant to use the word witch/wizard here. This is really something very different.) where she is being hunted by the Shadoweaver. Suddenly everything is in jeopardy as she searches for her gift and fights to keep the boy she loves.

Elizabeth Mueller gives a great story, full of normal teen angst without tipping the scales to be annoying, she keeps us guessing, dropping nuggets for us throughout the story, but never tipping her hand. Combine that with the fantastic use of illustrations that give it almost a graphic novel feel as we read, and this is easily a five star read. I can't wait to pick this up in paperback and you should too! Mueller is a great addition to the YA world and I can't wait to see what comes next from this talented writer!


PG: some violence and intense scenes

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By Orbet Skye

Main Characters: Beck Phillips, Jason, Milo, Kate, Millie (maid), Thomas (Butler), Wane (Gardner), and his filthy rich Uncle: Aeron.

Beck Phillips or Pillage is no ordinary boy. He is fifteen going to be sixteen. His life takes a bizarre turn when he moves into his Uncle’s house: His uncle is crazed and obsessed with dragons that Beck feels like that aren’t there, don’t exist, and have nothing to do with him . . . or so he thinks.

As bad as things get he finds a new power that once was a curse. He learns that his ancestors had brought it upon themselves: Because of their greed. A wizard cursed them and they turned the curse into pleasure: a powerful gift. The wizard didn’t like this so he cursed them again saying that they cannot enjoy anything that the dragons pillage: treasure, jewelry, gems and other precious objects.

Beck Pillage and his new found friends: Milo and Kate discover stones that look like eggs, Dragon eggs. They plant the eggs that soon hatch into five dragons and Beck finds things that make him soon wish he had never planted them in the first place.

Can he and Kate find a way to stop them in time before they destroy the entire village? Will he learn how to control them the right way or will they eat him and then die? Read and find out!

What I like about this book is you can have adventure you just have to find it; and be careful what kind of adventure you go looking for. Plus you can’t always trust everyone you meet like Beck trusted Milo.

It is Rated G

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Third

The Third

by Abel Keogh

from the back:

"The only way your kids are going to have any future is if we get this world back to a livable condition. The only way we're going to do that is with fewer people. People are the problem, not the solution."

Doesn't that just give you chills?

I enjoyed the world Abel Keogh built. It is strong, believable and frightening. I realize how blessed we are with our homes, our yards and swing sets, warm water, and motorized vehicles. Most of all, to have children without regulation--we won't be punished for having more than two!

I was hooked before I opened the book. I was hooked all the way to its end. Most of my nails are gone because I couldn't stop biting them! I will get my kids to read this and my friends, that's how much I enjoyed it. I look forward to the sequel!

Makes for a great book club discussion!

PG: some violence and intense scenes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye

By Kaza Kingsley

Main Characters: Erec Rex or Rick Ross, Jack Hare (Erec’s Friend), Oscar Felix (Erec’s Friend), Bethany Evirly (Erec’s Friend, her real name is Bethany with no last name yet), Queen Posey, King Pluto, Wolfboy (Erec’s pet dog), Cutie Pie (Bethany’s pet cat), King Piter, Damon Stain, Stony Rayson, Rock Rayson, Balor Stain, June O’Hara, (Erec’s Mom), Earl Evirly, and Ward Gamin.

Erec and Bethany find a shocking secret as they walk under a trap door. A secret world under their very own cities and towns. This world runs off of magic and not electricity. The meet to young boys that are the same age as them: Oscar Felix and Jack Hare. Together these four friends go on a journey and learn more secrets about themselves, each other, dangers they face, and the time limit to get a magical object that belongs to one of the dead twins of King Piter. Will they find it in Time before the bad people do? What is the Shocking secret they learn about each other? What dangers are they facing? And who is this master Villain that wants to kill one of the four heroes? Just read and find out for your self!

What I liked about this book was the adventure and the Dragon Erec Befriends with. What I don’t like are what the bully kids do to try to get kids out of a race or a competitions to become king or queen.

I really love it! I suggest you read IT!

Rated G

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Crazy Daze of Motherhood

The Crazy Daze of Motherhood


by Jane Still

Short, fun, sassy!

From the back of the cover:

"Jane is married to Rick Still, who she believes has the distinction of  being the only man in history brave enough to give her earwax candles  for her birthday. They had six children in eight years, and while her  children were growing up, she discovered she had a great sense of humor.

At least that was her take. Rick once said to her, "Honey, you know all  those real corny things you say all the time? Who ever thought you  could make money at it?" Her son Adam once told her, "Mom, could you  please stop telling jokes to my friends? It's really embarrassing." One  of Jane's philosophies is, "You're not doing your job unless your  children are worried about being seen in public with you.""

I had so much fun reading this book. It's a fresh breeze for mothers. It gives us a glimpse into a world where hope can thrive on humor and not feel so frantic about every ouwie or flooding toilet. I laughed out loud at every turn, and now my kids want to read it!

It makes me think on life and how short it is to be stressing over the little things. I can still be a fun-loving mom at the same time!

  Rated G:  lots of fun stuff going on! Every mother and mother-to-be should read this. And anyone who loves women who are mothers at heart!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Warroir website for the fans


Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots

Main Characters in Warriors (all are cats): Firestar (Clan leader); Warrior name: Graystripe (he is Firestar’s best friend), Warrior name: Sandstorm (she is Firestar’s mate), apprentice name: Cloudpaw; Warrior name: Cloudtail, Cinderpelt (Medicine cat), Leafpaw (Medicine cat apprentice Squirrelpaw’s sister), apprentice name: Bramblepaw (Tigerclaw’s son), warrior name: Brambleclaw; apprentice name: Squirrelpaw (Firestar and Sandstorm’s daughter);

Anther mysterious prophecy is given from Starclan: Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots. Darkness is shadow clan; air is Wind clan; Water is River clan; and sky is Thunder clan; what does this mean? Now there is a new threat in the peaceful forest of the clan cats. Monsters are destroying the home they once new. Cats are starting to disappear mysteriously with out a trace or a scent as twolegs come and cause troubles for them. Brambleclaw is determined to find out what this new prophecy means and why the monsters are coming to the peaceful forest. Can he find the answer in time? Why did Star clan choose the son of the wicked cat Tigerstar? Why does the prophecy point to Brambleclaw and others from the enemy clans? Will he make it time with the distraction of a fellow warrior? Read find out!

I love this . . . these books! They’re so adventures and fun! Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw fall in love with each other and I think that’s really CUTE!

Rated PG for mild violence

Warrior's Website for the fans click here!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Peasant Queen


By Cheri Chesley

Life has never been better for Krystal of Avolonya. That is, until her brother decides to betroth her to the local village boy who can’t keep his drool to himself.

Repulsed, Krystal finds herself wondering the nearby woods. Should she remain here, and meet her fate with a dreary boy who would probably have her gut fish all day long? Or should she find a better life for herself beyond the forestlands?

It isn’t until she decides running away would prove foolish, when a band of men find her alone—and it is no coincidence. Krystal is thrust into a kingdom filled with magic, love, and betrayal.

            This sweet story enchanted me with its colorful people—even the villains are charming!  Because of the delightful cast of characters, the read passed in a lighthearted pace. I enjoyed experiencing Krystal’s sense of integrity as she remained true to her heart, and how fiercely loyal she is to her friends.

Rated G: Some fight scenes, but no blood or guts, and intrigue

Monday, April 4, 2011

Far World

Water Keep

By J. Scott Savage

Main Characters: Marcus Kanenas, Kyja, Dark Circle, and Master Therapass.

This story is about young boy who was taken away from his home: Far World and was transported to Earth: his new home. Mean while the Dark Circle is looking for him because he is I’m guessing is the healer of his true home world. Why they’re after him? Now that; I won’t tell.

Kyja is also part of the healer world but she is the healer of earth and the Dark Circle is after her as well for the same reason they’re after Marcus.

Right now Marcus and Kyja are looking for all four elementals to open a portal so Marcus can came into far world completely without the worry of being killed in the in between worlds of both Far World and Earth. Mean while Master Therapass is imprisoned by the Dark Circle after he meats Marcus.

Will he be able to get out and complete his mission and protect the two kids?

Can Marcus and Kyja complete they’re mission before the Dark Circle reaches and captures them? Will they be able to convince a water element to come with them? Read and find out!

I don’t like the Dark Circle. They sometimes give me the creeps, but the book is really good in its own way.

What I like about this book is that there is a little bit of romance going on in between Marcus and Kyja. Plus I looooove the way it really HOOKS you! I request that you read it right now! (Sooner or later.)

Rated PG

Monday, February 28, 2011

The lost Boy

The lost Boy

By Dave Pelzer

Main Characters: Dave Pelzer (the abused boy), his Mother, his three brothers.

Dave is a little boy who is badly abused by his Mother. She sticks him into a bathroom and closes the door with a bucket filed with two cleaning chemicals that create gas; which he calls the gas Camber. He wishes his thoughts away from his abusive life into la-la land or dream world as he calls it.

His father tries to stand up for him, but eventually he quits coming to the house all together. Dave starts to lose hope that he will be rescued and wonders if he will ever leave ‘the house’ and ‘the mother’. Will he ever be rescued from ‘the house’ and ‘the mother’? Will he ever be happy again (before ‘the mother’ turned abusive)? Read and find out!!

I feel sorry for him, but now he has a family; he served in the military and now is happy with his Brothers and family.

PG-13 for abusive violence,

and emotional trauma

Read this!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bumpy Landings


by Donald J Carey

What a delightful read!

LDS returned missionary Jordan MacDonald has a secret. A secret he refuses to share with his mother, who has life figured out for him. It is one that he has promised his father he'd fulfill no matter the cost.

But when it becomes apparent that he can hide it no longer, life unravels and he is thrust into the cold of resentment.

Should he be true to his mother, or his girlfriend, or himself? This is a story about a young man's struggles to find the answers to his personal riddle of integrity.

 I fell in love with the storyline and understand, with all of my heart, Jordan's struggles. Life as a young person is never easy, especially when everyone is shouting out how you should live it.

I especially love when Jordan starts to realize that his life is his own, and becomes true to the most important person: himself. For, how can he be true to anyone else if not for him?

This story certainly wrenched me from my mundane tasks, and whisked me into the lush green of Hawaii's vista.

Don J Carey is masterful at bringing people, places and things to life. There wasn't a place where it felt unreal. The dialogue was natural, the characters sincere, the dilemmas unfurled with genuine believability! He has a knack with folding time without my noticing.

Hey, Carey, do you have the recipes for pani popo or malasadas on your website? I would sure love to know how to make them!

UPDATE! click here for recipes! (Thanks, Don!)

Donald is a graduate of Kahuku High School where, when he wasn't in the band room, he could be found in the library with his nose in a book.  He was awarded the David O. McKay scholarship to attend BYU--Hawaii, where he met his lovely wife, Kara. His day job involves writing computer programs, which is almost the same as fiction but with a lot more semicolons.

Watch Bumpy Landings' book trailer!

I recommend this book!

Rated G: I have no doubt my 11 year old would love this, too!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sisters Grimm: the problem child

By Michael Buckley

Main Characters: Sabrina, Daphne, Puck (fairy boy), Relda, Mirror, Uncle Jake and Mr.Canis.

The parents never came back from work late one stormy night. Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are trying to find their mom and dad with the help of their grandmother, Uncle Jake, and Puck (he likes Sabrina). Sabrina doesn’t like being a Grimm because it means one thing and one thing alone: she always thinks that something bad is going to happen. But Daphne loves it. Sabrina tries her hardest to avoid Puck (he keeps teasing her). While Mr.Canis is struggling to control to big bad wolf (he is the big bad wolf). A Jabberwocky is on the lose with an insane little girl: red ridding hood a.k.a the problem child. The Grimms and Puck look for the vorpal sword to get rid of the monster. Puck faces mortal danger with the gruesome beast.

The thing I really don’t like is when Sabrina gets addicted to keep using Merlin’s wand.

And the awful thing the Jabberwocky did to Puck. The other thing is what Uncle Jake becomes after using too much magic.

I think the story is quit interesting with its plots and its Characters. It really hooks you.

This is my most favorite part of the Book: Puck kisses Sabrina. She didn’t like it though she thought it was nice. Sabrina never ever (even in her worst nightmare) thought her first kiss would be with Puck. It really surprised me when I read that part.

I really recommend you read this!!!

PG for mild violence

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

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