Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye

By Kaza Kingsley

Main Characters: Erec Rex or Rick Ross, Jack Hare (Erec’s Friend), Oscar Felix (Erec’s Friend), Bethany Evirly (Erec’s Friend, her real name is Bethany with no last name yet), Queen Posey, King Pluto, Wolfboy (Erec’s pet dog), Cutie Pie (Bethany’s pet cat), King Piter, Damon Stain, Stony Rayson, Rock Rayson, Balor Stain, June O’Hara, (Erec’s Mom), Earl Evirly, and Ward Gamin.

Erec and Bethany find a shocking secret as they walk under a trap door. A secret world under their very own cities and towns. This world runs off of magic and not electricity. The meet to young boys that are the same age as them: Oscar Felix and Jack Hare. Together these four friends go on a journey and learn more secrets about themselves, each other, dangers they face, and the time limit to get a magical object that belongs to one of the dead twins of King Piter. Will they find it in Time before the bad people do? What is the Shocking secret they learn about each other? What dangers are they facing? And who is this master Villain that wants to kill one of the four heroes? Just read and find out for your self!

What I liked about this book was the adventure and the Dragon Erec Befriends with. What I don’t like are what the bully kids do to try to get kids out of a race or a competitions to become king or queen.

I really love it! I suggest you read IT!

Rated G