Monday, April 11, 2011

The Peasant Queen


By Cheri Chesley

Life has never been better for Krystal of Avolonya. That is, until her brother decides to betroth her to the local village boy who can’t keep his drool to himself.

Repulsed, Krystal finds herself wondering the nearby woods. Should she remain here, and meet her fate with a dreary boy who would probably have her gut fish all day long? Or should she find a better life for herself beyond the forestlands?

It isn’t until she decides running away would prove foolish, when a band of men find her alone—and it is no coincidence. Krystal is thrust into a kingdom filled with magic, love, and betrayal.

            This sweet story enchanted me with its colorful people—even the villains are charming!  Because of the delightful cast of characters, the read passed in a lighthearted pace. I enjoyed experiencing Krystal’s sense of integrity as she remained true to her heart, and how fiercely loyal she is to her friends.

Rated G: Some fight scenes, but no blood or guts, and intrigue

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  1. Cool! I look forward to reading all your reviews. Very helpful (and well written!)

    -Genevieve (a YA writer wannabe)