Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By Orbet Skye

Main Characters: Beck Phillips, Jason, Milo, Kate, Millie (maid), Thomas (Butler), Wane (Gardner), and his filthy rich Uncle: Aeron.

Beck Phillips or Pillage is no ordinary boy. He is fifteen going to be sixteen. His life takes a bizarre turn when he moves into his Uncle’s house: His uncle is crazed and obsessed with dragons that Beck feels like that aren’t there, don’t exist, and have nothing to do with him . . . or so he thinks.

As bad as things get he finds a new power that once was a curse. He learns that his ancestors had brought it upon themselves: Because of their greed. A wizard cursed them and they turned the curse into pleasure: a powerful gift. The wizard didn’t like this so he cursed them again saying that they cannot enjoy anything that the dragons pillage: treasure, jewelry, gems and other precious objects.

Beck Pillage and his new found friends: Milo and Kate discover stones that look like eggs, Dragon eggs. They plant the eggs that soon hatch into five dragons and Beck finds things that make him soon wish he had never planted them in the first place.

Can he and Kate find a way to stop them in time before they destroy the entire village? Will he learn how to control them the right way or will they eat him and then die? Read and find out!

What I like about this book is you can have adventure you just have to find it; and be careful what kind of adventure you go looking for. Plus you can’t always trust everyone you meet like Beck trusted Milo.

It is Rated G