Monday, November 22, 2010

The Stone Traveler


by Kathi Oram Peterson

Look at this cover. It's gorgeous. A promise of adventure in the South American jungle.

Does it deliver?

Yes, it does.

Sixteen-year-old Tag is tired. Tired of the way things are. The best way to break away is to be how he likes to be. Though he is fair with a spread of many freckles, he loves his hair black. Along with the spiked dog collar.

After a particular unsavory incident at school, his cousin rats him out and now he is facing his consequence: spending the entire summer with old Grandpa who chats with his wife's ghost.


Well, not exactly. He decides to sneak away when everyone's asleep. That's when he stumbles across the stone. Unable to resist the temptation to take it, he is whisked headlong into the past. Far into the past. When scripture heroes (and villains) roamed the southern part of North America.

This was a fun page-turner for me. I empathized with Tag, though he hated everyone and everything. A hidden darkness haunts him and he doesn't realize it until the purpose of his journey into the past unfolds. I feel as if Tag lost a bit of his voice when he sailed into time, but maybe it is because he is surrounded with others who don't speak slang? I cried when Tag finally finds peace in his heart. And forgiveness.

This is a beautiful, heartwarming story. It left me with much to think about.

Kathi Oram Peterson has created a wonderful, rich world that will have you neglecting your homework!

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The trailer gave me chills!

Rated PG for some peril

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dragon Rider

Middle Grade

by Cornelia Funke

Main Characters: Firedrake (dragon), Ben (boy), Sorrel (a brownie cat), Twigleg (a mini person), Crows, and Nettlebrand (a golden Dragon)

This story is about dragons who are trying to find a new home away from people that are ruining the forest they live in. The Rim of Heaven is rumored to be a haven for all dragon kind. Firedrake goes in search along with Sorrel for this well-protected home. Firedrake hides in an old abandoned warehouse from people as he is traveling. A young boy goes in there to hide from Bullies, but they follow him in. Firedrake growls at the Bullies to scare them off. The young boy, Ben, helps Firedrake find the home he is looking for. Sorrel disagrees with this. (Sorrel disagrees with everything).

Nettlebrand, the evil golden dragon, is in search for Firedrake and The Rim of Heaven. He wants to eat Firedrake along with Firedrake’s dragon friends. Ben finds Twigleg, Nettlebrand’s spy and slave who is very friendly. He doesn’t know who Twigleg’s identity is.

The most exciding part of the book is when Nettlebrand tries to eat a cactus and the battle scene.

I really don’t like Nettlebrand because of how evil he is. I don’t like the crows because they are spies for Nettlebrand.

I think this story is interesting in its own way. There’s a sweet romance with Firedrake and Ben finds him a girl as well. I like Sorrel because she is grumpy and her cute habits (she eats Mushrooms!) Read the book and find out the simple ingredient to Nettlebrand’s downfall.

I recommend this book!

Rated G: a safe and exciting read!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

An Angel on Main Street

by Kathi Oram Peterson

general fiction

My first impression when I first picked up this book was: Is this an inspirational story about a mysterious person doing random acts of kindness?

So I snuggled into bed and turned to the first page and read.

All at once, I was whisked into a boy's world where he struggled with previous life's choices and made the commitment to walk brighter pathways. Suddenly, he is faced with many trials that could possibly lead him into relapses while others believe he has lost his way. It wasn't until I was five pages into the story that I realized that I did not know his name! As soon as that thought hit me, I put the book down, surprised.

Yes, Kathi is that good a writer. I felt as if I knew Micah Conners already without the introduction of his name. I was already drawn into the story, the characters, the setting, the theme. I was hooked.

As I read, I hoped that Micah would make good choices so as to avoid the heartache of consequences that follow from poor decisions. I cheered him when he had the strength to walk away from potentially precarious situations. I wept with him when his heart broke from lost hope. My heart warmed for him when he finally found faith and peace in his shambled world.

I am rather impressed with Kathi's gift of slipping into Micah's head and making him come alive. His emotions and thoughts and feelings remained true and so believable it had me laughing in certain parts and crying in others.

Just as in real life, the closer Micah drew to his goal, the more tangled life became. With the stout heart of a warrior, he fought for his beliefs and grew stronger from them though he felt lost and alone and afraid.

This story is so wrought with faith, courage, and strength, that I am making it a part of my family's Christmas celebration this year.

So, where does the angel part come into play you ask? Find out for yourself and add this wonderful story to your family Christmas tradition!

Rated G for warm Christmas fun.

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Monday, November 1, 2010



by Erin Hunter

Main Characters in Warriors (all are cats): Kettypet (house pet) name: Rusty; apprentice name: Firepaw (his name changes throughout the books); Warrior name: Fireheart; and Leader’s name: Firestar; apprentice name: Graypaw; Warrior name: Graystripe (he is Firestar’s best friend), apprentice name: Sandpaw; Warrior name: Sandstorm (she is Firestar’s mate), Tigerclaw (Bluestar’s deputy), Bluestar (Leader of Thunderclan), Yellowfang (Medicine cat), apprentice name: Cloudpaw; Warrior name: Cloudtail, and Cinderpelt (Medicine cat)

A mysterious prophecy is given from Starclan: Fire alone can save the clan. Bluestar is mystified by the prophecy. she knows fire is an enemy to all clans . . . or is it? She wonders what the prophecy means. She takes a kittypet into Thunderclan: Rusty. Tigerclaw is disgusted with Bluestar for bringing in a kittypet. Rusty later learns of dark secrets that other cats believe should have left hidden. He sends his friend away to live with a loner and to be safe from a vicious murder. A cat from within Rust’s clan threatens to destroy the trust Bluestar has for her warriors and her faith in Starclan. Can Rusty stop this from happening? Can he save the clan in time from Bluestar’s mistrust and her rage? Read the Book and find out for yourself!!

Here are some thoughts about the books. My favorite Character is Rusty. When I first read the book it totally caught my interest plus I love cats. There are four series so far. I love to go to the website of Warriors. You can find out your warrior name on that site. My warrior name is Wildheart.

I recommend this first series! (I will review the other series (4 more), too)

rated PG battle scenes

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