Monday, April 4, 2011

Far World

Water Keep

By J. Scott Savage

Main Characters: Marcus Kanenas, Kyja, Dark Circle, and Master Therapass.

This story is about young boy who was taken away from his home: Far World and was transported to Earth: his new home. Mean while the Dark Circle is looking for him because he is I’m guessing is the healer of his true home world. Why they’re after him? Now that; I won’t tell.

Kyja is also part of the healer world but she is the healer of earth and the Dark Circle is after her as well for the same reason they’re after Marcus.

Right now Marcus and Kyja are looking for all four elementals to open a portal so Marcus can came into far world completely without the worry of being killed in the in between worlds of both Far World and Earth. Mean while Master Therapass is imprisoned by the Dark Circle after he meats Marcus.

Will he be able to get out and complete his mission and protect the two kids?

Can Marcus and Kyja complete they’re mission before the Dark Circle reaches and captures them? Will they be able to convince a water element to come with them? Read and find out!

I don’t like the Dark Circle. They sometimes give me the creeps, but the book is really good in its own way.

What I like about this book is that there is a little bit of romance going on in between Marcus and Kyja. Plus I looooove the way it really HOOKS you! I request that you read it right now! (Sooner or later.)

Rated PG


  1. Will try to, on the condition that you send me that gorgeous cat!

  2. Hi, Carole! You're so cute! She's a funny cat, too! :)