Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hidden Sun


By J. Lloyd Morgan


I would leave it at that because that's how I felt after the experience of reading this wonderful novel.

Deception. Intrigue. Love.

A lovely princess dares defy the laws of the kingdom by a single act. From there, it's a wild roller coaster ride. No, it's not a pretty princess book. By far, but there is a true love story hidden within these pages.

I literally gripped the book and chewed my nails and held my breath as I read.

I groaned, angry with the author regarding the huge tangled mess he weaves in the tale, because I am so in love with his characters.

It was the hope of justice that drove me.

Though there are many uncommon names, a few which are hard to pronounce, I was able to stay on task with the storyline without missing a beat. I forgave this first-time author's grammatical quirks because of how well the story is shared.

J. Lloyd Morgan is masterful at luring the reader with his lovable characters. So much that it wasn't hard to forge a connection immediately. I mourned the losses of those who could not survive. The author is in full control, no matter the feeling of the mire he throws in (though it's disheartening). He knows what he is doing.

I wish I could let slip more detail, but the story must be tasted with your own eyes.

I recommend this book!

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The author has thoughtfully compiled a page for a behind-the-scenes-fun once you are done reading!

Enjoy the trailer! ;)

Rated PG for some peril

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Golden Cord


by Paul Genesse

Main characters: Drake bloostone, Jep (dog),
Temus (dog), Bellor Fardelver (drobin), THor Hargrim (drobin), Liana Whitestar, Jaena Whitestar

The plot of the story is that the Drobin kingdom enslaves people, but the both of them are fighting dragons and griffins. Two Drobins (Bellor Fardelver and Thor Hargrim) show up at Drake's village. His village thinks they are a threat. A dragon is chasing Bellor and Thor; their mission is to destroy the Dragon king the king of dragons. Drake makes a decision to leave his village to help BEllor and Thor with their mission.

Drake goes to his uncle's village for food and fresh supplies for their second journey to the cave. There is a girl who wants to marry him bu he wants to marry Jaena Whitestar,t he priestess of their goddess.

I love this book because of it hooks you and makes it mystical and magical you will love the book, if you read it, of course. What kept me going was curiosity of what was going to happen to the dragon king.

I recommend this!

Rated PG-13 for some sensuality and swearing

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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sapphire Flute


by Karen E. Hoover

The first time I saw the book cover, I was thrilled with the bright animation and the emotional portrayal depicted. I thought the wolf was something to be feared, as the girls on the cover are staring at it. So I wondered what the significance of the wolf was. The picture portrays each character in her own right, but not a summary of any scene.

It is a story that brings to life two girls whose destinies are shaped and led by the Guardians who watch over their world and keep order to all magic.

Poor little Shandae—given the name of Ember to protect her from the forces that seek to destroy her—is thrown into the depths of peril from the moment she is born. Evil haunts her for the very power she later learns she possesses. Good fights to keep her under strict protection, as well as the order of wolves--the Bendanatu--do. They teach her the ways of her true blood.

Kayla is a talented musician that manipulates magic with the sounds of her flute. She enamors an entire kingdom with her skill. The king seeks her favor, and charges her to guard a very special and powerful keystone of blue magic—the Sapphire Flute.

The first part of this story is not filled with breakneck speeds of action, in your face terror or spine chilling fear. But please don't let this catch you with your book down. Remember, it is important, being the first book of SEVEN, to build the foundation of a world from its political organization, its secrets and most importantly, its magic. This book is a step to a bigger, richer world where the author promises not to disappoint a read filled with passion, excitement and even loss.

Karen E. Hoover is very talented when it comes to bringing life to her characters, like a puppeteer to the marionette. She has a vivid imagination; it is not difficult to follow the artistic weave of her words. I was there when Ember fought for her right of passage with such moving passion that I wept. I could taste the sweet feel of the sapphire flute's touch as Kayla battled against the nefarious C’Tan. The sense to tip the world back into harmonic balance is so well written that I wish I could leap right into the pages to assist their cause.

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Rated PG for some peril

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Monday, October 4, 2010



By Christopher Paolini

Main Characters: Eragon (dragon rider), Snowfire (Horse), Saphira (dragon), Roran and Carvahall (a little town), Queen Islanzadi (elf), Elva, Orik (dwarf), Angela, Nasuada (leader of the varden), Glaedr (dragon), Oromis (dragon rider), Vanir (elf), Arya (elf), Murtagh (a dragon rider), Thorn (dragon) and the Ra’zac.

The plot of the story is that King Galbatorix is trying to get rid of the Varden. Eragon, a dragon rider and the Varden are Recovering from attack from the Urgals; the leaders of the Urgals were under the Control of Durza, a Shade a person controlled by evil spirits. Eragon and Saphira have joined the Varden and are now training with the Elves, in order to fight Galbatorix and his men. King Galbatorix has two dragon eggs left and is trying to hatch them. He succeeds with Murtagh, a dragon named Thorn has hatched to Murtagh.

Now Eragon is having trouble believing that Murtagh is working for King Galbatorix against his will, King Galbatorix forced Murtagh and his dragon to swear in the ancient language to be loyal to him. Eragon is soon horrors of his past.

I like the story because it is intriguing in its Characters. It caught my interest when I read the Back of Eragon. There are some things I found out about in the book that was really disappointing to me (but you’ll have to read the book and find out what happens). I will tell you one thing I didn’t like, is that King Galbatorix forced Murtagh and his dragon to be loyal to him.

I recommend this!

Rated PG for some battle violence

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(A book from my shelf review)