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by Erin Hunter

Main Characters in Warriors (all are cats): Kettypet (house pet) name: Rusty; apprentice name: Firepaw (his name changes throughout the books); Warrior name: Fireheart; and Leader’s name: Firestar; apprentice name: Graypaw; Warrior name: Graystripe (he is Firestar’s best friend), apprentice name: Sandpaw; Warrior name: Sandstorm (she is Firestar’s mate), Tigerclaw (Bluestar’s deputy), Bluestar (Leader of Thunderclan), Yellowfang (Medicine cat), apprentice name: Cloudpaw; Warrior name: Cloudtail, and Cinderpelt (Medicine cat)

A mysterious prophecy is given from Starclan: Fire alone can save the clan. Bluestar is mystified by the prophecy. she knows fire is an enemy to all clans . . . or is it? She wonders what the prophecy means. She takes a kittypet into Thunderclan: Rusty. Tigerclaw is disgusted with Bluestar for bringing in a kittypet. Rusty later learns of dark secrets that other cats believe should have left hidden. He sends his friend away to live with a loner and to be safe from a vicious murder. A cat from within Rust’s clan threatens to destroy the trust Bluestar has for her warriors and her faith in Starclan. Can Rusty stop this from happening? Can he save the clan in time from Bluestar’s mistrust and her rage? Read the Book and find out for yourself!!

Here are some thoughts about the books. My favorite Character is Rusty. When I first read the book it totally caught my interest plus I love cats. There are four series so far. I love to go to the website of Warriors. You can find out your warrior name on that site. My warrior name is Wildheart.

I recommend this first series! (I will review the other series (4 more), too)

rated PG battle scenes

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