Monday, November 15, 2010

Dragon Rider

Middle Grade

by Cornelia Funke

Main Characters: Firedrake (dragon), Ben (boy), Sorrel (a brownie cat), Twigleg (a mini person), Crows, and Nettlebrand (a golden Dragon)

This story is about dragons who are trying to find a new home away from people that are ruining the forest they live in. The Rim of Heaven is rumored to be a haven for all dragon kind. Firedrake goes in search along with Sorrel for this well-protected home. Firedrake hides in an old abandoned warehouse from people as he is traveling. A young boy goes in there to hide from Bullies, but they follow him in. Firedrake growls at the Bullies to scare them off. The young boy, Ben, helps Firedrake find the home he is looking for. Sorrel disagrees with this. (Sorrel disagrees with everything).

Nettlebrand, the evil golden dragon, is in search for Firedrake and The Rim of Heaven. He wants to eat Firedrake along with Firedrake’s dragon friends. Ben finds Twigleg, Nettlebrand’s spy and slave who is very friendly. He doesn’t know who Twigleg’s identity is.

The most exciding part of the book is when Nettlebrand tries to eat a cactus and the battle scene.

I really don’t like Nettlebrand because of how evil he is. I don’t like the crows because they are spies for Nettlebrand.

I think this story is interesting in its own way. There’s a sweet romance with Firedrake and Ben finds him a girl as well. I like Sorrel because she is grumpy and her cute habits (she eats Mushrooms!) Read the book and find out the simple ingredient to Nettlebrand’s downfall.

I recommend this book!

Rated G: a safe and exciting read!

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