Monday, October 18, 2010

The Golden Cord


by Paul Genesse

Main characters: Drake bloostone, Jep (dog),
Temus (dog), Bellor Fardelver (drobin), THor Hargrim (drobin), Liana Whitestar, Jaena Whitestar

The plot of the story is that the Drobin kingdom enslaves people, but the both of them are fighting dragons and griffins. Two Drobins (Bellor Fardelver and Thor Hargrim) show up at Drake's village. His village thinks they are a threat. A dragon is chasing Bellor and Thor; their mission is to destroy the Dragon king the king of dragons. Drake makes a decision to leave his village to help BEllor and Thor with their mission.

Drake goes to his uncle's village for food and fresh supplies for their second journey to the cave. There is a girl who wants to marry him bu he wants to marry Jaena Whitestar,t he priestess of their goddess.

I love this book because of it hooks you and makes it mystical and magical you will love the book, if you read it, of course. What kept me going was curiosity of what was going to happen to the dragon king.

I recommend this!

Rated PG-13 for some sensuality and swearing

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