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By Christopher Paolini

Main Characters: Eragon (dragon rider), Snowfire (Horse), Saphira (dragon), Roran and Carvahall (a little town), Queen Islanzadi (elf), Elva, Orik (dwarf), Angela, Nasuada (leader of the varden), Glaedr (dragon), Oromis (dragon rider), Vanir (elf), Arya (elf), Murtagh (a dragon rider), Thorn (dragon) and the Ra’zac.

The plot of the story is that King Galbatorix is trying to get rid of the Varden. Eragon, a dragon rider and the Varden are Recovering from attack from the Urgals; the leaders of the Urgals were under the Control of Durza, a Shade a person controlled by evil spirits. Eragon and Saphira have joined the Varden and are now training with the Elves, in order to fight Galbatorix and his men. King Galbatorix has two dragon eggs left and is trying to hatch them. He succeeds with Murtagh, a dragon named Thorn has hatched to Murtagh.

Now Eragon is having trouble believing that Murtagh is working for King Galbatorix against his will, King Galbatorix forced Murtagh and his dragon to swear in the ancient language to be loyal to him. Eragon is soon horrors of his past.

I like the story because it is intriguing in its Characters. It caught my interest when I read the Back of Eragon. There are some things I found out about in the book that was really disappointing to me (but you’ll have to read the book and find out what happens). I will tell you one thing I didn’t like, is that King Galbatorix forced Murtagh and his dragon to be loyal to him.

I recommend this!

Rated PG for some battle violence

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  1. Gosh what a complicated set of names, Mittens must be a clever cat. Is it YA or adult fantasy?

  2. Adore mittens, hope to read more of his posts.. Carole.